The Easiest Way To Monetize Your Blog Without Annoying Ads

Ready to join the content revolution? With Content Manager, we’re changing the way blogs can be monetized.

What Is Content Manager?

Content manager connects well-established blogs with brands that need more attention. Instead of plastering annoying ads on your site, these brands are more interested in being mentioned in a valuable piece of content that’s featured on your site. This is the future of marketing, content marketing.

Your Blog, Amplified

Get Valuable Content, For Free
Once you’re approved, we’ll work with you to craft valuable content that speaks to your audience and mentions the brand. This is the same type of content most blogs pay just to have written.
Grow Your Traffic
Every piece of content you post to your site is a chance to rank for more keywords and get more free traffic from Google. With our optimized content, you can sit back and watch your organic traffic grow.
Monetize Your Blog
Not only will you be able to get awesome content that connects with your readers, you’ll earn every time you post one of our blogs… no annoying ads necessary!

How It Works

Step 1:
Sign Up For Free
Sign Up for a free account and submit your blog(s). Depending on the quality of your website, we’ll tell you how much brands are willing to pay to be featured.
Step 2:
Post Our Valuable Content
We'll send you content that matches your audience. Just post it to your blog and submit the URL in our portal. It’s that easy.
Step 3:
Get Paid Bi-weekly
Once the posts are live, we send out bi-weekly payments through your chosen payment method. We've already paid out over $1MM to publishers.

How Much Can You Make?

Your earnings depend on the quality of your blog and the amount of posts you accept. The more established your blog, the more the advertisers are willing to pay to be featured. The more content you accept, the more you can get paid!

Start Earning Today

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Q. What is the minimum Domain Authority you will accept?
A. Domain authority must be 20 or higher

Q. Will the content we provide contain links?
A. Yes, the average article will contain around 3 links. These links must be set as Do-follow.

Q. Do you accept all sites?
A. We only accept sites that are written primarily in the English language

Q. I do not currently have a blog or my blog is outdated is that okay?
A. If you do not have a blog set up please start your blog by adding at least 1 blog post so we can get a feel for your site. We want to see blogs that have been updated within the last 90 days.

Q. Any other URL restrictions?
A. We do not accept Subdomains, forum/community sites, sponsored tags, or guest post advertising.

Q. Do you accept sites in the XYZ niche?
A. We are open to accepting sites in every niche including grey niches.

Q. What is the minimum monthly traffic you will accept?
Our minimum monthly traffic is based on the DA of the website. Domains with DA's 20-39 require a minimum of 150 organic traffic.

Domains with DA's 40+ require a minimum of 500 organic traffic.