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Blogging For The Win: 8 Vital Tips To Create A Viral Post

Did you know that a viral post can help you save a lot of money while significantly increasing your return on investment? Viral marketing is also one of the best ways of increasing brand awareness.

Getting that viral status is no longer unachievable. Instead of leaving things to chance, you can learn ways to make your content go viral to get everyone talking about you. Here are the best 8 tips if you want your blog posts to reach as many people as possible to boost sales.

1. Do More Research

It would be difficult to make a viral post if you do not have a solid plan to guide you in the right place. The first step of your marketing plan should be goal setting.

This is where you can chat with the rest of your team to learn what everybody hopes to get out of making a viral post. Do you want to increase your social media followers?

Do you want 100,000 people to watch a video or click a link to buy something? These are the important questions to ask around the table while drawing up the plan. Then you need to figure out what your audience will like. After all, they are the people who will share your content to help it go viral.

Try to understand who your audience is and why you want them to care. Find out where they live, what they do, and where they hang out. This will help you determine the type of content they will like and engage with the most.

Then you can use this information to start your campaign. Another part of your research should be to look at competitors to see what types of blog posts they have made viral and why those worked.

2. Be Unique

Most people on the internet have seen everything, so they are always longing for different content to share. Viral marketing is all about being authentic and original.

The secret sauce is knowing how to deliver the unexpected. This is why many businesses have created comedic and lighthearted posts to relate to younger people.

Using humor and wit is a great way to drive home the importance of your brand and products. You can show customers a fun and exciting side of your brand that they would not have expected.

3. Have a Hook

Think about having an excellent concept as your hook. This is what will make people stop in their tracks to pay attention to you. Imagine how fast your customer is scrolling through their phone on the train home after work.

They barely have any energy left and will most likely ignore the majority of the posts they see. It is your job to create a hook or a stopper to get that person to stop scrolling to give you their time and money.

Your hook should appeal to the audience better than your competitors. You should also convey a clear message because people will scroll past your posts if they take too long to digest.

4. Have Visuals

Without visuals, it would be very difficult to have a viral campaign. Blog posting is a great way to send out a message, but not many people have the time or patience to read a whole article.

This is why you need to create something that can be noticed instantly, like a meme. The reason why memes always go viral is that they are the easiest to read in an instant and share on social media.

You need to get to know your audience to entertain them. Sharing images and other visuals linked to your blog posts with compelling captions is key.

5. Promotional Plan

There are many social media posts and people who have gone viral by accident. However, this is never a guarantee. Unless you can bring keyboard cat back from the dead, you need a promotional plan to create viral content.

This is where you need to think about your goals. Ask yourself how many video views your company needs and how that will boost your brand’s presence online.

Then take a look at where your audience is to pick the right platform. This will help you avoid spending your marketing budget on the wrong channels where you may not get enough ROI.

6. Measure Success

After you have gone over the ins and outs of viral marketing, you need a way to measure campaign success after launching. This is necessary to help track your progress to know how close you are to reaching your goals.

You can use Google Analytics as the most basic tool to measure progress. There are also other content marketing and social media analytics tools you can use.

The tricky part is knowing which metrics to track. This is where you must think about how many times people share your content and where they share it. Finally, you will also want to track how often people share your links to lure more people to your website.

7. Research Trends

At times, the latest trends can help your content go viral. For example, when Will Smith and Chris Rock had their issues at The Oscars recently, the memes everybody made about it went viral.

Many businesses also jumped in on the trend. Although it is always important to be unique to go viral, you can also use the latest trends to your advantage.

8. Keep Trying

If you decide to run a viral campaign, you should not become complacent. Always focus on making your next campaign more effective by evaluating the success of the previous one.

The more viral content you can create, the more you reinforce your brand’s message. You should also be consistent with brand messaging to ensure that your customers find you authentic. Keep it safe and play to your strengths while highlighting all your core values within the content.

Create a Viral Post Today

Now that you know the most important steps to creating a viral post, it is time to start planning. Even if your content does not go viral, you should never think of it as a failed campaign.

Viral marketing is unpredictable. Everything is a learning opportunity to always do better next time.

Keep it simple and stick to your strengths and get to know your customers to determine which are the most valuable platforms for your content.

Contact us today, and we can help you discover more about viral marketing and SEO blogging to increase brand awareness in no time.

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