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How Guest Posts Work To Boost Online Traffic (And Why Your Business Needs Them)

Even though it is possible to boost online traffic way too fast for your resources to be able to support it, if you are reading this post, you probably don’t have that problem yet. The worries that haunt you at night about improving SEO and getting more eyeballs on your website can be solved with one effective tactic. 

And that’s writing more guest posts. It might seem like an extra task on your overloaded schedule, but we will show you below why guest posting is a great way for you to increase site visits. 

Increases Inbound Traffic to Site

Whenever you write a guest post for some other authoritative site with lots of traffic on it, you are doing so, because you wish for more inbound traffic to your website. How does this work? 

Well, you would want to share some links in your guest post to relevant and engaging articles on your website. When the person reading the guest post finds your writing actionable and entertaining, they are more likely to want to find more content written by you. 

Either they will click links in your bio that are usually attached to the guest post, or they will click external links embedded in the guest post itself. Whatever route they choose, it means all the more traffic back to your website. 

Builds Positive Link Connections to Other Websites

Google has many rules you have to follow if you wish to rank on page 1 of search results and if you wish to improve your SEO standing with Google. But one thing that web spiders always care about is backlinks. 

Now you don’t want useless links to websites that aren’t authoritative or that don’t get that much online traffic. But if you guest post on a website that matters in your industry, you are more likely to get a big boost up in Google rankings due to that. 

The more of these links you build, the higher your website authority goes and the better your ranking becomes. So get writing!

Improves Brand Awareness and Authority

Not only will the folks who follow your guest post be more aware of your brand and all that it has to offer, but it’s more likely they will perceive you as an authority in your field, as you write expert posts on subjects that matter to them. 

This is a great boost for your brand as well as your organization’s brand. You can build both of these important assets by scattering numerous guest posts all over the blogosphere. 

Enhances Your Writing Skills

One thing that you are probably always lamenting is your lack of writing skills. Even if that’s something you are proud of, it’s always good to practice this valuable skill a bit more.

Practice makes perfect and guest posting can help you improve your writing skills. And this can serve you well to write brilliant posts for your company blog as well.

Beginner blog writers are always a bit squeamish about putting their writing out there, but that’s why practicing with guest posts is such a good way to get your feet wet. It will also make you less staid and stale when writing posts, and bring forth more of your colorful personality.

Who knows? You might end up publishing a book someday because your guest posts garnered so much positive media attention that you caught the sights of a renowned book publisher. 

Builds Your Network

You are going to try and guest post on websites that are related to your industry closely, or have a far-reaching impact in the online world. For example, if you are in the investing business, then you will want to guest post on a site like Fortune or Forbes, to get yourself known as an expert in that industry.

On the other hand, if you are in the medical equipment business, you will probably want to guest post on a medically inclined website. 

All this allows you to build connections and network with people who are well-known celebrities in your industry. And these connections are nothing to sneeze at. You never know when you might end up doing a big business deal with them in the future due to that one guest post you wrote years ago.

Improves Your Standing on Social Media Channels

One thing you will assuredly do is share your guest posts on your social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Now you are doing this partly because it’s such a thrill to see your name on authoritative websites.

But it’s also because it’s a great way to drive traffic to the guest post, build online traffic to your fellow website, and thus, be invited to guest post even more often. Also, the organization or business you guest post for will probably do the same. They will be sharing the guest post you write for them on their social media channels.

This all creates an intricate web where customers or potential leads are able to engage with many of your marketing channels. And you might have heard of the stat where you need 7 to 13+ touchpoints with a lead to convert them into a customer. Guest posting definitely helps with that as well. 

Guest Posts Are a Powerful Yet Underappreciated Marketing Tool

Hopefully, you are convinced by now of the efficacy of using guest posts as one primary marketing toolkit. If you are unsure of how to start with the whole process of guest posting, then we are here to help.

We are a guest post platform and we provide guest post opportunities for folks like you who are interested in increasing their site visits. 

Contact ContentManager today and get yourself started on this guest posting journey.

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