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Why a Blog Is Such a Powerful Tool For Increasing Online Presence

Over 4.6 billion people have access to the internet worldwide. That’s a lot of potential for connection, and one of your best resources for engagement is blogging.

A blog is an effective tool you can use in a variety of ways to increase your online presence, boost sales, and increase traffic.

Keep reading to find out why blogging is so essential to your organization’s growth.

Blogs Drive Traffic

Getting people to find your blog can feel like a daunting prospect, especially when you’re starting from scratch. 

It isn’t as complex as it seems. If you ultimately decide it isn’t something you have the time for, you can work with a talented content agency that will help draw in the traffic for you. It’s important if you’re taking on this challenge that you do so with your head in the game.

One of your key starting points is consistency. When developing a schedule, don’t plan too many posts. It isn’t realistic to keep up with over time and it can annoy people.

The easiest way to lose people’s interest is to blog too much and then disappear for weeks. Create a schedule for posting, so you are reliable. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

When you post it creates an opportunity for your blog to appear on the search engine results page (SERP). This means your content can be found organically in a Google search and considering 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic searches, it would be a huge opportunity to miss if you didn’t consider it.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

It’s difficult to convey who you are, what your organization is, and what your company culture is through a website alone. A blog is a way to do all of these things, which in turn makes it a way to connect with potential clients.

It’s important to consider what you want to write about. Choose something topical and trending and always keep in mind: who is my audience and what do I want to say to them?

If you create original content people can trust, you increase site visits over time. Your posts don’t need to be too long, either. Aiming for 500 words is achievable and something you can keep up long-term.

Your Blog and Social Media

You can repurpose your blog posts for social media. This saves you time because you’re recycling content. It also creates a relationship between your blog and social media, which increases site traffic as it ensures traffic moves between both.

Social media opens a world of networking that you would not be able to access in real life. You have a way to connect to people all over the world. Through your blog, you gain access to new people, new opportunities, and new connections.

Sell Yourself

Blogging is a useful tool in recruitment, as it is the perfect way to engage with candidates.

Inspire potential staff and current employees by getting them to post guest blogs. This is the perfect way to show your brand through your people.

Once you know who you are, it’s your job to convey this effectively. Start creating content that sets you apart from other organizations similar to yours. Post relevant content and demonstrate expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) to boost your Google ranking.

Converts Traffic to Leads

By being a consistent blogger, you will establish a loyal audience. Posting to your social media, for example, invites people to click and share. Add a call to action at the end of your blog posts or on your website.

This could be something as simple as a free ebook, trials, or webinars. Whatever the call to action is, you’re offering something in exchange for your visitor’s contact information. 

This exchange establishes an audience that will return, as long as you set yourself up as consistent and reliable.

Be a Creative Online Presence

Different forms of media attract different people, so explore pictures and videos. Using a picture in a blog post will increase your views by 94%. It’s all about reaching the most people, but the way you deliver your message doesn’t always need to be the same.

If you notice a certain blog post was particularly popular, you can recycle the content. Turn it into another form of content, like a YouTube video or even a TikTok, and link it back to your main social media account and website.

Blogging and SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can seem technical and confusing, but it’s a strategy you can use to boost your online presence. SEO can be broken into two sections: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO describes the act of creating content to improve your rankings. The content should be well written, free of grammatical errors, and include internal links and targeted keywords. You’ll need to place keywords in the URL, title, one header, introduction, body, and conclusion of the content. 

Off-page SEO refers to optimization that works off the page like backlinks and promotional methods like pay-per-click. Backlinks, for example, create relationships and content that people want to share.  

Keyword stuffing and poor linking practices can get you penalized by Google, so try and avoid this. If you keep your content concentrated on what your visitors are looking for, you will boost SEO. 

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics. Taking the time to review the posts that attract the most traffic will help you make more informed decisions moving forward. Learn from each post and you’ll increase site traffic.

Increase Your Online Presence Today

Blogging offers the opportunity to connect to a wide audience. Using these techniques you can direct traffic, improve your SEO ranking, and boost sales, all of which lays the foundation for long-term business growth.  

Incorporating a blog into your content marketing strategy is undeniably a useful resource in establishing a strong online presence. There can be a lot of information to think about, but it isn’t as complicated as it can first seem. 

Armed with these tips and tricks, you can make your blog a success. If you’re looking for more tips, contact us today!

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